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When you walk out your front door, where do you want to be!

  • I believe in conscious living, and working intentionally. I am concerned that service in many industries has been compromised for the short-term bottom line and the emotional connection of clients has been neglected as a result. In other words, business has been transactional based. Fortunately my real estate business is based more on relationships.
  • There is a difference between a realtor’s presence and their passion. Anyone can just show up and go through the mechanics of knowledgeable real estate. But without passion and conscious commitment my service could never be extraordinary and that’s the difference between myself and others. It is my goal to not just meet your expectations but to exceed them. I will be asking to hear of your past experiences so as to not allow the repeat of those things that did not work; and listening to repeat and exceed what did!
  • You are my priority.

City of Bridges...and great Districts! I Specialize in PDX City Districts- when Community is Home!

  • Today's market?. ..markets are always changing and I will show you the great market we are in right now! We live in the most desireable city! It is a great time to buy and make the move you've been wanting to do in your life. My days are spent learning and being current to what is changing everyday in real estate. Listening to your criteria and plans in one of the most important investments of your life is my responsibility to you and I ask you to hold me accountable through the entire process. Whether it be for your home, investment property or for your retirement; making this an informed, well guided and pleasurable experience is my promise to you! I want to hear what you have to say. Sincere thanks, Linda